Fomenting A Rebellion

“If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.” ::Abigail Adams

Prelude to a Post January 27, 2008

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Concerning men, women, and how we interact with each other. To be written when it’s not my bedtime.


I Just Can’t Resist January 24, 2008

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Yes! Two blog posts in one day!

The grammar snob in me can’t resist sharing this with the world, because it’s HILARIOUS. To me, anyway.


Two Thumbs Up!

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I know, I know. It’s been too long. I’m going to ride on the “It’s my last semester of grad school and I’m writing a Master’s thesis” excuse for now. Even still, I apologize to my two readers.

Rather than doing my “best of” list (which I still intend to do one of these days), I decided I would fill you in on the movies I’ve seen recently. Don’t worry. I won’t be too boring.

1. Atonement

For those of you that haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend that you do. HOWEVER (and this is a big one), if you’re at all a reader you must must must read the book first. While the movie is one of the best adaptations of a book I’ve ever seen, the book is that much more powerful. It is beautifully written, a well-rounded story, and an ending that will absolutely knock you on your ass. I’m glad I read the book first – the movie would have ruined it for me had I not. So read the book, see the movie, and let me know what you think. (p.s. For my female readers, it doesn’t hurt that James McAvoy is the male lead. Yummy.)

2. Juno

Quite possibly one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past five years. It’s hilarious, touching, and disarmingly real. However, it made me feel old when I couldn’t understand some of the lingo the teenagers were using. Ah, well. I guess I know how my parents feel sometimes. One of my favorite lines: “You need to find someone that thinks the sun shines out of your ass.” Check.

3. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Who knew Johnny Depp could sing like that? I really enjoyed this movie, despite the gallons of corn-syrup blood that were emitted from various bodies. I also thought Helena Bonham Carter was fantastic – but she usually is when she plays weird and twisted women. One very interesting thing about this movie is that there isn’t a lot of redemption, even in the end. Lives are destroyed, and that’s that. It’s kind of disturbing. But I’m willing to overlook that for the sexiness that is Johnny Depp. As are most women.

So that’s it for now. I’ll come back soon with something else to talk about, hopefully. I’m going to the New Baptist Covenant next week in Atlanta, and I’m sure that will spur many interesting conversations. Until then!


A Pickle and a Promise January 12, 2008

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The thing to do at the beginning of the new year is to make best of lists. Well, I’m working on it and I promise in the next few days to give you one … or maybe even just a real post. It’s been awhile since one of those came about.

Until then, I leave you with this comic from Toothpaste for Dinner:

Scared of the Government


Turmoil in Kenya January 4, 2008

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Friends, I am worried about the violence in Kenya right now. Worried isn’t even strong enough … terrified. Here is an email received from a pastor in Nairobi:

Dear Praying friend,

10:59am. I dropped Beatrice, my wife to work at 8.00 am this morning and she has just called to inform me that they have been asked to close the bank due to the looming showdown at Uhuru park (10.59am). She works in downtown Nairobi. I am on Valley office some 800 metres away from the planned opposition meeting and can hear gunshots and tear gas canisters intermittently. Traffic is flowing scantly and one hopes that the madness will stop so that Kenyans can go about their lives normally.

From, my direction, both ways will have to take me past Uhuru Park the rally venue in order to reach Beatrice. I asked her to find here way to the Central Police Station near the University of Nairobi where I can then pick her. A group of 6 youths who seem to have been repulsed from entering the park were walking back to Kibera and have said (Mzee,a name for a respected elderly man) told them if they are repulsed, they should go back and they shall be given vehicles to take them back to the park.

4.00pm. thankfully, we have made it home safely….

My contacts tell me that Kibera Laini Saba side is calm. I am aware though that Kibera 42; adjacent to Ngong Road is where skirmishes are going right now. I am concerned that more venting of anger may be experienced tonight with more houses being torched after the meeting aborts. I see us responding to a huge humanitarian crisis. We are in fact late for our people in Kibera and late for the over 250,000 displaced internally. No access to the slums due to tension. The Red Cross is overstretched. My thoughts go out to the churches outside Nairobi in the North Rift my home where people have taken refuge to escape ethnic cleansing without food and blankets. Road blocks have been erected along and vehicles are being stopped and people asked to produce IDs which of course betrays ethnicity. This is of course a repeat of Rwanda if we don’t stop it right now. Please pray for my beloved country.

Keep Kenya in your prayers. Especially pray that another Rwanda-type situation doesn’t occur again. Ever.

Peace to you, and to Kenya.


Happy New Year! January 1, 2008

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It’s officially 2008, and I feel old. I remember when the big deal was Y2K and everyone and their mom was stocking up on supplies because the world was going to end. Well, that didn’t happen and here we are in 2008. Crazy.

Here’s a fun New Year’s video for you.

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions on

I hope all of my readers (all three of you, that is), have a happy and healthy 2008 and that I get to keep knowing all of you!

Truly, sincerely … peace.