Fomenting A Rebellion

“If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.” ::Abigail Adams

One More Thing … March 29, 2008

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National Organization for Men


I’m Not Dead, I Promise

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I was getting pretty good at writing blog posts there for a while … I’m going to attribute it to the fact that I was avoiding working on my thesis.

Speaking of – I PASSED MY DEFENSE! Woohoo! I’ll write a more substantial post later; I’m at my grandparents’ house in Tyler right now and am gathering stories to tell. And there are plenty.



100 Things About Me (81-90) March 17, 2008

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81. I have donated my hair to Locks of Love one time.
82. I make a mean sweet potato souffle.
83. I have a massive fear of open heights (i.e. ferris wheels, cliffs, etc.).
84. I prefer silver jewelry to gold jewelry, though I have a really cool gold owl necklace.
85. I have a dopamine deficiency in my brain; if I take serotonin drugs I get more depressed. Yay Wellbutrin!
86. I retain memories by sound, primarily by music. Certain songs make me remember certain places. Stroke 9 for Scotland, Ray LaMontagne’s “Be Here Now” for Kenya, and so on and so forth.
87. I actually like Waco.
88. I’ve never been on a for real date … not for lack of wanting.
89. I just found out that I’m actually half Irish. Slainte!
90. Mornings and I do not get along. I’m a night owl.


Just In Case You Were Wondering …

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I defend my thesis in three days. Rad.


100 Things About Me (71-80) March 15, 2008

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71. I will judge you for your bad grammar.
72. I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera (live) more than any other musical.
73. Sometimes I wish I was famous just so I could have great clothes and be on a best-dressed list. I know it’s far-fetched.
74. I was in the hospital for a week in the 9th grade, and the doctors never figured out what was wrong with me.
75. I prefer milk chocolate to white chocolate, and dark chocolate to milk chocolate. But I still love all of them.
76. I was in Gifted and Talented through high school.
77. The number 2 is my favorite number to write. The number 8 is my least favorite.
78. My birthday is in the exact middle of the year (June 30).
79. I remember when the Berlin wall fell.
80. I don’t particularly like American Literature. I love British Literature.


Because I Can Be a Smartass.

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Gentrify That Too


100 Things About Me (61-70) March 9, 2008

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61. I have a (not so) secret love for hip-hop …
62. and I could rap you all of Gangsta’s Paradise. Seriously. I’m not kidding.
63. I love bad dance movies. Think: Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, Step Up, Salsa!, Step Up 2: The Streets, etc.
64. I was a squad leader on my high school drill team.
65. I have a slightly scary gift of finding information on people on the internet with only a couple of details to begin with.
66. I am in two honor societies, one of which is STD. Rad.
67. Journey will always be in my top five bands. Power ballads rule.
68. I have a secret love for Hillary Duff movies.
69. I really, really like power tools. I want a miter saw.
70. My label maker = hand held happiness.